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Is time your enemy? We can help with that.

Thankfully, you don’t get winkles on your hair! But your hair does age. Several clients a day come to us with concerns and frustrations regarding symptoms of aging hair.

First,  here come those pesky greys. They usually pop up around your hairline first. We always joke that God must have been a hair colorist, since he put the grays right in front where we have to face them in the mirror every day. The initial appearance of these unwanted signs of aging usually begins in your mid-30s. However, it is also hereditary. If your folks had premature greying, you might too.

In your 40s you might see signs of what you would perceive as hair thinning. In reality, your hair is most likely getting smaller in diameter. This can lead to a feeling like your hair is getting limp and less light reflective. Some clients experience breaking hair and it feels, well, just dull. It can be so frustrating because it happens at a time when women start to feel the same way about their aging skin.

Then, (we hate to break it to you) after menopause, things just start to dry up. Your scalp can produce up to 40% less oil (yikes!) which can lead to extremely dry hair.

Don’t despair, though, there are some solutions. Just like anti-aging skin care products, there is a wide variety of high quality anti-aging hair care products.

First, let’s make sure your styling routine isn’t making the problem worse. Shampooing every day can be very drying so try to avoid this if you can. Make sure your thermal tools that you use to style your hair (curling irons, blow dryers, flat irons, etc.) are in good repair and are not getting too hot. It will be helpful if you cut back from using these every day.

We also happen to have a favorite preventative care product to combat aging hair that works wonders.  L’Oréal Série Expert’s Age Supreme is a complete haircare regimen developed specifically to re-densify, nourish, and add shine to hair. The supremely luxurious masque enriches hair with Intra-Cylane™ technology and Omega 6. This youth-enhancing masque nourishes dry hair, leaving it feeling soft, densified and beautifully radiant. It’s truly a salon favorite. We think it will be one of yours, too.

So, don’t stress over aging tresses! With the right salon professional and the right home care, even your hair can age gracefully!

Blog by Lauren Hart

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  1. merle slack says:

    Wish I lived closer. Will visit Phoenix in October..but, need lots of help before then!!! HELP!!!

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