Blonderexic, Mindy Meisner, knows a thing or two about how to be a great blonde.

Alright, all you blonderexics out there, want to know how to prolong your bright blonde hair inbetween appointments?

We’ve go the answer for you…purple shampoo!

You may have heard of it before but, with this fabulous blog, you’ll learn all about what purple shampoo can do for you.

Each time one of our blondes leaves The Root Salon, they  feel light and bright from fresh color. But, give it 6-8 weeks and those lustrous locks can turn yellow and brassy.

What’s a blonde to do?

It all goes back to basic color theory, ladies and gents.

Colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel are called complimentary. When mixed together, they produce a neutral color. So, if you mix yellow and violet together, the result is a pale beige or white.

Feast your eyes on color theory in action.

Are you still with me? Oh, good.

To maintain your fresh-from-the salon hair color, simply use a purple shampoo once a week. I highly recommend our White Violet Shampoo by L’Oreal. The results are consistent and fabulous.

Keep in mind, however, that this shampoo is NOT a cleansing shampoo (I know, tricky, right?). It is best used on clean hair, so I recommend working it into your shower routine right after your regular shampoo and then follow it up with some hydrating conditioner.

Work the purple shampoo into your hair to get a good lather  going. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes to fully deposit the violet tones. Feel free to use this shampoo more than once a week if you prefer an ash-y look.

But be warned, my beautiful blondes! Overuse can temporarily turn your hair a shade of purple. And, be sure to lay off the purple stuff at least a week before your next color appointment.

Who can use this?  Anyone that is highlighted, double process blondes or folks with natural grey/white hair.

Swing by and pick up this purple product so you can dazzle all your friends with your bright blonde ‘do!


Blog by Mindy Meisner

Like this? There’s more great tips from our very own Emily Baczewski coming soon!

4 Responses to What Purple Shampoo Can Do for You

  1. Thanks a lot Mindy for the great tips! Now, that I am blond again, I will certainly go “purple”! By the way, your color job on me was fabulous….just what I wanted!!

  2. I am not a blonde and don’t intend to become one anytime soon, but this was interesting to read. You write a great blog, Mindy-Moo!

  3. Grandma Mary says:

    Very informative, Mindy. Makes sense to me that this purple shampoo would boost the color of grey/white hair to get rid of the dull brassy. What do you think?

  4. Lilia says:

    Great to learn how we can use color theory to make ourselves look great! Thanks Mindy!

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