Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Reducing Plastic Waste

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My prized collection of alternatives to plastic waste. You may remember that our leader, in her New Year's blog post, mentioned her plan to reduce her plastic waste in 2019. I was so happy to read that! I'll be the first to admit that I carry an inappropriate amount of guilt and stress [...]

What’s Trending in 2019

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The lash lift. Amazing! If you’re like me and love keeping up with the latest trends and styles, I’m here to get you ahead of your beauty game. Bangs of all types are in if you're looking for a new look. Try an edgy cropped bang (also known as a baby bang), a [...]

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Keep the Sniffles Away!

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Achoo! Just like schools, offices, and other shared spaces, The Root Salon is also a place that gets hit with little viruses from time to time! Unfortunately for us, a nasty head cold was passed around our salon team this past week. Several stylists had to miss work. But so far, (knock on [...]

Resolutions? Let’s Make Goals!

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You can do this! Instead of making New Year's resolutions, let’s make New Year goals! But some of us made very big New Year's resolutions. I consider a resolution to be a PROMISE to change something in my life FOREVER.  That's a lot of pressure and if you end up breaking your resolution [...]