The Importance of Self Care

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Follow this up with a mud mask and hot bath and you have achieved self care. Many of us have a hectic life and so many responsibilities! It's no wonder we forget to take care of our personal needs. While it’s hard to prioritize something like taking a bath when you have so [...]

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Wedding Trends Part 2

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Beautiful wedding eucalyptus! We are coming back at you with some more wedding trends we are seeing as we travel around the valley doing hair and make-up for all our local brides. We love seeing the decor the brides have chosen. This fall we have seen every single bride using greenery. In particular, [...]

Lessons Learned in Life’s Travels

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Thailand! Who could say no to this? Here at The Root Salon, we love to hear stories about the adventures and misadventures of our clients. And now I've been sharing one of my own. Recently, I went on a two week trip to Thailand. And while that may sound like a trip of [...]

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Wedding Trends Part 1

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Gold wedding fingernails are in! You may have noticed that we are blogging about weddings a lot lately. Well, it's fall in Phoenix and the weather is just perfect for outdoor weddings. I alone have been to four nuptial celebrations in the past 12 days! All of them were very beautiful and inspirational [...]