For Your Summer Garden

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Citronella...a nice plant that mosquitos hate! (photo: This mild (even chilly!) weather is causing everyone to freak out and go outside! One of our favorite outdoor activities is gardening and Whitfill Nursery, is our favorite place to pick up plants. Whitfill has a lovely outdoor property with lots of shade if you're [...]

Everyone Is Using It: Dry Shampoo

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This is the good stuff! Truly, everyone is using dry shampoo. Men and women alike are giving this a try. And, here in Phoenix with the hot summer ahead, we have some ideas of how to use dry shampoo in your routine. We have two products available for dry shampoo lovers: Our Aveda [...]

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Vote! (For Us!)

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It's that time of year again! The great people at Phoenix Magazine run a poll for its readers to vote for the best local, independent Valley businesses, people, places and products. It allows the very best that Phoenix has to offer to really shine! The readers can vote every day in loads of categories until [...]