Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How to Manage Personal Change

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Don't snooze! Just get up! (photo: One thing I’m focusing on this year, since I’ve just turned 38, is accountability and routines. I'm ready to make a personal change about something that's always bothered me. I’m not a morning person at all and it’s one thing I’ve always struggled with, even if [...]

Passion, Fun, and Joy

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Karaoke. It never goes well. And that's the point! (photo: Growing up in today's society and having the pressures of social media we are always trying to be the best at everything. We're in the age of YouTube where "influencers" are constantly trying to collect views and subscribers by one-upping the others. [...]

Illusion of Perfection

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Is this me or the REAL me? I'm so confused! (photo: Can hairstylists have a lazy day? One where they don’t fix their hair or stay in sweats all day? The answer: yes and no. As professionals who interact with a vast clientele from all walks of life, we often run into [...]