Our Favorite Charity Special Event: Teen Lifeline

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Gorgeous Montelucia. (photo: With our amazing fall weather, it is the beginning of special event season here in Phoenix. At the Root Salon, we donate to lots of charity events and our very favorite is Teen Lifeline,  a peer-to-peer anonymous teen suicide prevention hotline that was founded here in Phoenix. We personally [...]

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Spreading Positivity

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It's a beautiful world out there if you make it so!(Image by I have been asked what is my secret is to always being happy and upbeat. It's pretty simple. My secret is setting intentions at the very start of my day. Before I leave my house, every day I talk to [...]

It’s Patio Season! Favorite Phoenix Patios

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The Zombie Cocktail available at Hula's Modern Tiki. (photo: I’m super excited that the evenings are cooling off! Gone is the horror of 100 degree temperatures at 10 o’clock at night. This is the beginning of what I like to call patio season. The time of year when you and your friends can gather [...]