Hard Water in Your Home and on Your Hair

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What is your water doing to your hair? (photo by As a hair professional, it's our job to care for hair. And in that process, we must consider everything that happens to our hair on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. And one major factor that impacts our hair is water; especially [...]

Shane’s Inspirational Days at The Root Salon

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Please! Loving your work makes life worth living!(image by Not a day goes by working in this industry that I don't feel grateful for the connections I get to make. First, when it comes to my clients, I like to ask many of my clients the same question: Do you like what [...]

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Concert-Going Skills

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Make it count! (photo by Going to concerts is one of my absolute favorite things to do. And, over the years, I've learned some very valuable lessons of how to do this activity right. Follow these tips so you get the most out of your concerts! 1. Explore all transportation options besides [...]