New Year, New You

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It's a new day! (photo: Sometimes, throughout the day, I’ll look out the window and day dream. The noise behind me becomes silent as I start envisioning myself walking, holding hands with my partner. It’s crazy because I can see this dream in all its glory but I can never clearly make [...]

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: New Year’s Hair Ideas

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Turn some heads with a little new year's glitz! (photo: society19) New Year's Eve is here! Will you be spending it dancing the night away with friends, lovers and champagne? Or will you be on your couch in your pajamas binge watching your favorite series with chines take-out? If you're dancing the night [...]

You Made It! Now Relax at The Root Salon

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It's over. It's okay. You can relax now. (photo: For those of you who celebrate Christmas, congratulations! You made it through another year! If you're feeling the emotional drag that usually follows a frenzy, please let us help you. We're willing to bet that among all your priorities, you may have neglected [...]

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Smells Like Christmas

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Scent profile ON POINT. (Photo by Each year, we host a little get together for one of the many segments of our in-town family. To set the vibe, I get the Alexa going on our Christmas music playlist, light the fireplace (aka the Netflix "Fireplace in Your Home" video because we don't [...]