Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Wash & Care for Hair

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Image by © Frederic Cirou/PhotoAlto/Corbis Imagine you purchased a top that costs in the $50-$150 range. I'm sure that, before you throw it in the wash, you would probably check the care instructions on the tag. After all, with this financial investment in the garment, you'd want to make sure it lasts. Your [...]

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Gravy Recipe

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Yummmmmyyyyyyyy As a person who has flexed throughout her life between various meat and dairy consumption diets (vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, flexitarian), Thanksgiving is a new dietary navigation every year. But no matter my current meat-eating habits, I've discovered a recipe that I crave year over year: porcini mushroom gravy! I've never been a [...]

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Pets at The Salon

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Awwww! Sorry, little buddy! Are you a pet owner that loves to take your animals everywhere? Trust us, we get it! Many of us are dog owners and we love having our pups with us as much as possible. Unfortunately, the salon is not a dog-friendly place. This is not our choice, of [...]

Romantic Break Ups and Hair Changes: Why?

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This photo credit belongs to: As stylists, we all know that we will inevitably aid our lifelong clients in their drastic hair changes with many being an emotional response to life's hardships. Tough breakups, for example, can be the catalyst for a lot of new hairstyles. But why is it that we [...]