The Root Salon Goes Green with Green Circle Salons

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We care about this thing. A lot. (photo: Did you know that we are a full-blown recycling salon? It’s true! With the help of the great folks at Green Circle Salons, we have been recycling just about everything around the salon. Why? Well, first of all, we care! Much of our business's [...]

Two Trends Return

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They are back! For real! It's a widely-known fact that fashion trends are cyclical. We are used to seeing fashion articles that say, "such and such is back!" But it's not until we see it with our own eyes in our own town (probably on a teenager) until we believe that a look [...]

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How to Manage Personal Change

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Don't snooze! Just get up! (photo: One thing I’m focusing on this year, since I’ve just turned 38, is accountability and routines. I'm ready to make a personal change about something that's always bothered me. I’m not a morning person at all and it’s one thing I’ve always struggled with, even if [...]