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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Wash & Care for Hair

Image by © Frederic Cirou/PhotoAlto/Corbis Imagine you purchased a top that costs in the $50-$150 range. I'm sure that, before you throw it in the wash, you would probably check the care instructions on the tag. After all, with this financial investment in the garment, you'd want to make sure it lasts. Your [...]

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All About Balayage

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend a balayage certification class in California. Although I had already felt confident in the technique, I was wanting to really sharpen up my application process, and gain a greater understanding of the what and why of this increasingly popular color application So what is Balayage? [...]

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The Root Salon and Integrity

We talk a lot about the education we seek to grow our skills as colorists and stylists. But even though we know how to do many things, we must consider first if we should. Here at The Root Salon we take the integrity of your hair very seriously. One motto that we use here is, [...]

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Welcome to Fall!

She keeps her blonde bright around the face and soft toward the back. She gets it! Fall is approaching fast! Okay, yes the temperatures are a still a bit warm. But before we know it, Starbucks will start serving their pumpkin spice lattes and people will be pulling out their boots and putting [...]

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