Communication, Comprehension, and Disagreements

Communication? (photo: huffingtonpost.com) I’ve always heard how communication is key in life, relationships, and the work setting. But I’m starting to realize that pointing to a broad stroke reasoning of "communication is the key" is oversimplifying and misleading. Many may think that voicing an opinion or grievance to someone is all you have [...]

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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Four Steps to Beautiful Skin

Glowing skin is a foundation of beauty. Sometimes when the genetic game isn’t strong enough or we’ve finally hit that time in our lives it’s paramount to get serious about skincare. Knowing where to turn is important! Especially living in the Southwest, because the desert really plays a number on our skin game. [...]

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Growing Indoor Succulents

So gorgeous! So you love succulents, but growing them can be a challenge if you are missing some key tips. Here are my rules of thumb (aka green thumb) when it comes to indoor succulents. 1. I buy all my succulents from a store. You can try to buy cuttings online, but my [...]

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