Declutter Your Closet, Cupboard, Spirit and Mind!

Feels good to look at, right? (photo credit: koseronabudget.com) Originally, this blog post started with "Spring is in the air!". Of course, as we all awkwardly slog through rain and puddles in our Arizona clothes, we're not feeling so spring-y. But, being cooped up indoors may be the perfect inspiration to declutter your [...]

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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Stand Up Straight!

When perfecting your posture, a short-sleeved leotard and turban is the preferred attire.(image source: i'pinimg.com) Let’s face it, proper posture makes a huge difference in your over-all health. I have been standing for a living for over 40 years and my body is living proof. The longer I work, the more pain I [...]

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First Date Tips

Woo! Dating apps galore! (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images) Okay so us single folks survived Valentine's Day and we are ready to face the remainder of 2019 and start focusing on ourselves! Whether that means reaching professional goals, eating healthy, signing up for that class, saving up for that vacation, or going on [...]

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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Are you ready? Valentine's Day is almost here!(Photo credit: signupgenius.com) Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… Gift giving has never been easier at The Root Salon. Why not treat someone you love! This year we have created two fantastic packages that any lucky lady will love. Let us help you make her [...]

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