Fun Fall Activities in Phoenix

Arizona State Fair(photo: Via Magazine) Autumn has finally arrived and the weather is starting to cool down. The greater Phoenix area has many events and spooktaculars for you and your family to enjoy! Pumpkin Days and Corn Maze at Tolmachoff Farm October 7 to November 3, 2019 Start your fall season off at [...]

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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How to Survive a Mistake

Just stamp this on my forehead! Argh! (image: netpicks.com) The old saying, "Everyone makes mistakes," is true but it's of little comfort when you're in the thick of that sinking, yucky mess of wishing you had known better or taken a different path. After I've messed up, I have a difficult time avoiding [...]

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Thoughts on Happiness from Oliver

(photo: HuffPost) One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is that my main concern is my happiness. I’ve realized through all the hardships in my life that happiness is my only priority in life. The power that we have as individuals is astonishing in so many ways. We have the ability to [...]

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