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Core Values

Our Purpose

Making a connection with our community through beauty.

Our Values

Relationships – We believe that relationships are the foundation for building bonds that lead to excellent customer care and seamless teamwork.

Creativity – We believe creativity is allowing freedom for our stylists to explore artistic avenues. We achieve this through openness and exercising the ability of expression by pushing the boundaries.

Fun – We believe fun should be an enjoyable salon experience from start to finish, between stylist and client, and among the entire salon team.

Learning – We believe learning is the constant evolution of team growth and improvement. Our environment is collaborative and forward-thinking.

Humor – We believe humor is keeping the salon in a state of light-heartedness, by not taking ourselves as seriously as we take our work.

Hard Work – We believe that hard work is coming into the salon prepared and being driven to go the extra mile every day.

Happiness – We believe happiness is a balance of well-being in our personal lives and our profession, while bringing joy to our guests.

Respect – We believe respect is valuing our guests and our colleagues, while recognizing and appreciating individual personalities.